Mass Disposal Planner

Welcome to the Mass Disposal Planner

This is a questionnaire-based tool to assist meat chicken and breeder farms to develop a mass disposal plan.

All poultry farms should have a mass disposal plan that outlines the steps that would need to be taken to safely dispose of chickens, manure, litter, feed and eggs (for breeder farms) in the event of a disease outbreak or mass mortality event. Mass disposal plans should be updated regularly.

The Mass Disposal Planner generates a working mass disposal plan that is specific to the farm. The generated plan can be downloaded, saved and printed.

The level of detail provided in the plan will depend on the responses provided to the questionnaire.

The mass disposal plan generated from this questionnaire should be used to guide the farm to develop and improve any current mass disposal plans and could be used to help government representatives assist the farm, in the event of a disease outbreak or mass mortality event.

Information for users

  • This questionnaire will take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. You will need to answer questions about the farm and it’s disposal processes. No-one else has access to the information you provide. The information that you input is not stored or disseminated to any other parties.
  • To answer some of the questions, you may need to visit external websites, so please make sure you are using an appropriate device.
  • The questions are based on the site selection criteria in the AUSVETPLAN disposal manual, with reference to guidance documents from the relevant environmental protection authority.


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